UD3-103EC is a hand-operated ultrasonic flaw-detector “Peleng” series. It makes possible detection and sizing of inner flaws in metallic and non-metallic materials, also in welding. It has modification UD3-103EC, combining ultrasinic and eddy-current testing.

Nonvolatile memory can store presets, scans and reports, secured by password from change or deleting.

Flaw detector can be connected to PC, and all data can be transferred to hard drive.

Flaw-detector is produced in several editions for use in gas and oil industry, ship-building, also universal edition for general purpose.

All flaw-detectors “Peleng” series are officially approved for use in Russia, Ukraine, Belarus and Kazakhstan.



  • "Universal" edition
  • "Oil and Gas" edition
  • "Shipbuilding" edition
  • “Acceptance Control” edition


Special editions:

  • “Oil and Gas” edition for pipelines;
  • “Ship-building” edition;
  • “Acceptance control edition” for railway wheels and axles.



Data display:

  • A-scan (freeze screen, magnify, …);
  • B-scan (ultrasonic cross-section display);
  • W-scan (basic beam tracing display for angle beam probe);
  • flaw parameters (coordinates, equivalent size, detection coefficient, pulse amplitude) – measured pulce is marked by “smart” mark (has no analogs!);
  • manual flaw sizing (with manual mark);
  • two independent gates, realizing pulse-echo, through-transmittion or backwall-echo methods;
  • sound and light alarm (alarm can be prolonged in order not to miss short signals from small flaws).

Automatic algorithms:

  • automatic time-base optimisation;
  • sound velocity automatic set in correspondence to the material, wave mode and beam angle;
  • automatic set of pulse repetition frequency;
  • distance meter zero automatic calibration by the reference signal;
  • automatic distance meter and sensitivity set.

Service modes:

  • freeze screen – keeps the current display;
  • envelope – the pulses of the A-scan “paint” over the screen;
  • magnify – zoom a part of the A-scan;
  • RF-signal – displays A-scan non-rectified;
  • curvature – automatic considerates the curved test piece surface.

Eddy-current mode:

Eddy-current mode combined with ultrasonics in the same instrument (has no analogs!) lets to detect surface and subsurface flaws (for example, cracks about several micrometers wide) in electroconductive materials.


  • frequency – up to 100 kHz;
  • testing modes – dinamic and static;
  • report can be saved and transferred to PC.


Thickness-gauge mode:

  • indication step: 0,01 mm;
  • minimum measured thickness: 0,8 mm;
  • “zero-backwall” or “backwall-backwall” measurement method;
  • A-scan for precise measurement in difficult cases (high attenuation, noise, coatings, etc.)

Nonvolatile memory:

  • saves A-scans, B-scans and work reports;
  • can contain 400 presets;
  • presets protected from change with passwords;
  • creates and saves “sets of presets” for multi-stage testing (has no analogs!);
  • all data can be transferred to PC.


Built-in-DGS-graph allows:

  • to set nesessary sensitivity;
  • automatically measure the equivalent size of any flaw;
  • set sensitivity side-drilled hole, backwall or cilinder concave surface of any size and in any distance;
  • automatically set time-gain or DAC.


Technical data


 Ultrasonic methods pulse-echo
 Eddy-current methods phase
 Eddy-current mode



 Ultrasonic channels 1
 Eddy-current channels 1
 Main indicator electroluminescent
 Secondary indicator sound alarm
LED indicator
LED on the eddy-current probe
 Frequency, MHz

0,4;  0,62;  1,25;  1,8;  2,5;  5,0;  10,0

 Pulser amplitude, V
          high 120
          low 4,5
 Pulse repetition frequency, Hz 25 ... 5000
          Ultrasonic scans А‑scan
           Eddy-current scans “running” scan
 Ultrasonic gain range, dB 0 ... 80
 Eddy-current gain range, times 0 ... 63
 Thickness indication step, mm 0,01
 Time-gain range, dB  60
 Eddy-current frequency, kHz 10 ... 100
 Eddy-current generator voltage, V 0,8;  1,5;  3,4;  8,3
 Flaw depth range (in steel), mm 1 … 8850
 Time base range, µs  6 … 3048
 Measured crack height, mm 0,1 … 9,9
 Measured thickness range (steel), mm 3 ... 5000
 Working temperature range, °C -20 … +50
 Weight, kg 1,2
 Dimentions, mm 140x220x42